A NEW FORM OF COMMUNICATION. We are a multidisciplinary team that designs, develops and produces customized solutions in the areas of graphic and digital communication. Conscious of the singularity of each company, our commitment is closely linked to the commercial success that the tools and aesthetics produced, report to our customers.
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Design Mobile Bars

Mediterrania Miami offers an exclusive service of design and manufacture of mobile bars. Every day we reinvent ourselves to create new designs.

Rustic Movil Bar

This bar is made of a metal frame with wood siding and a rustic artisanal finish. All our bars are uniquely handmade, no bar is finish the same way.


Long - 60``

Width - 17``

High - 50``

Frame - 1`` Square steel tubbing

Siding - Reclaimed wood

Footrest - Galvanized steel

Icebins - Stainless steel

Speed rail - Stainless steel

Cutting boards - Teflon

Top - Recycled wood and steel frame with rivets

Wheels - 3``

Portable Bar

Rustic Style. Bar length is cut in half by separating two equal parts of 48″ each. Bar top is made of translucent white plexiglass with internal dimmable LED lights that light up in 16 colors and four different functions. This bar operates on 12v battery or plugged to the wall for longer lasting events. Battery lasts 5-7 hours depending on intensity and function selected. Bar is on wheels and portable. Side panels fold in, working trays fold down, cutting boards and ice trays removed and it’s ready to go. Finished with reclaimed wood and corrugated metal panels.

Long 96``

High 50``

We specialize in quality workmanship for your custom bases and pedestals.

Our goal with all the bases and pedestals we craft is to better display and enhance the art that is placed upon them. In order to achieve this goal, we offer free design consultation services.


Industrial Style Pedestals

Made out of mild steel 2×2″ and 2×1″ square tubing. Decorative rivets on the upper surface. 100% welded for stability and durability.


Top is made of recycled wood in different treatments and colors. Wood is sealed with polyurethane for beauty and durability. Metal is sprayed with lacker to give it a durable and protective satin finish.

Top 15``x20``

High 47``

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